Trash Shortcuts and Errors

In this article, I will be showing you how to quickly empty your trash and how to avoid any errors that may occur.


By holding down the command, shift, and delete keys while in Finder (or on your desktop outside of any open application), you can begin emptying your trash. However, after entering this shortcut, you will be asked to confirm emptying trash. So, in order to permanently delete all the files in your trash, perform the shortcut above then press the ENTER key immediately after to trigger and confirm empty trash.


You have probably received these errors when attempting to empty your trash. This can happen when you have a file or app that is currently being used when you try to delete it. If so, close the program and then try again. If a .dmg file is running, simply eject the file under the "Devices" tab in the Finder sidebar, or if you are trying to remove an app, you can close the app and try again.

A quick solution to this is to right-click on the trash icon in your dock while holding the command key. This will provide a "Secure Empty Trash" option which will allow you to delete the file. You can also click on "Finder" in your toolbar and select the secure empty trash option, or open Finder preferences and enable secure empty trash to do so every time you empty trash. Of course, it is always best to try to find what causes the error to occur so as to avoid any complications next time.