How to Save a Web Article to Evernote

Evernote has an extension for both Chrome and Safari that allows you to save a web page article or clipping to your Evernote library. The process is very easy and best of all, its free.

3 Easy Steps

Saving to Evernote using the web-clipping extension is a very simple process. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Download
  2. Install & Setup
  3. Save & More


You can download the extension here. The download page will automatically detect what browser you are using and provide the correct download.

Install & Setup

Next, just double-click on the the downloaded file and your browser should prompt you to install. Obviously, click "Install", and you should be taken to Evernote What's New Page. You should now see the Evernote Elephant extension icon in your browser toolbar. You can now either login with your Evernote account or, if you do not have one, create a new account

Save & More

Lastly, select the extension and you can now choose to save the page as an article, simplified article, full page, bookmark it, or take a screenshot. You an also choose where to save your web-clipping. There are many settings that can be configured if you select "Options" at the bottom of the extension window including adding tags to your articles and post-clipping actions.