Exposure Chrome Extension

Exposure has recently released a Chrome extension that will display a new, HD photo every time you create a new tab in Chrome. To add this extension to Chrome, click here. Simply, select add and the extension will be installed. There are no preferences for this extension and no icon is displayed in the toolbar. It runs in the background and will start working as soon as you enable it.

When a new tab is opened you have the option to shuffle the photo, which will refresh the page and display a new background image. You can also click the "Enjoy" button in the bottom right of the screen which is essentially the same as liking the photo. The photographer's name and the title of the photograph are display in the bottom middle of the screen and if you click either of these, a new tab will open to the post on or to the profile of the photographer.

About Exposure (From

Exposure is a tool to create beautiful photo narratives. It’s also a community of passionate photographers and storytellers. 

We think far too many services focus on getting lots of members first, with little or no consideration to how they’ll keep everything running. Exposure is something we’ve wanted for such a long time, and we intend for it to be around for many years. We want to make sure that we’re always able to focus on building the best tool possible instead of figuring out how to keep the lights on. We simply wouldn’t want to use a service that could disappear tomorrow or, worse, shoves ads in our faces.

Exposure is a great place to tell your photo stories. Members can craft and publish three posts for free. After that, you can only create drafts and won’t have access to premium features like having password-protected posts and more. To create more than three posts and unlock other special features, subscribe!